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Saturday, June 5, 2010

Mari layann Sepang Super GP 18-20 June!

I always have the dreams to watch Racing Car in Sepang, but always have obstacles in term of time, and budget! huhu... :p

I have one suggestion to the Sepang Super GP's Marketing Team. There's no doubt that advertising this event in the blog is a very good method to advertise this cool event. However, I have one idea to boost your ticket's sale for this year.

The idea is to do a promotion to the buyers of the normal cheap RM70 seat, to get a lucky draw at the Race Day. And the winner might get a prize of One All Stage Pass that give them access to the all place, near the racing mechanic team, near to the real action and get to know the racing girls (gadis litar) more closely... heheh... :p

By the way, thanks Sepang Super GP for giving me a buffered earning Nuffnang.. :)

Love you... Adios amigos ~

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