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Friday, June 25, 2010

Liga Basketball Bumiputera - National Community Basketball Championship

Hari Ahad yg lepas, member aku ajak tengok tournament basketball yg khas utk bumiputera sahaja. Baru aku tahu there's such a tournament in Malaysia. Best laa tengok, diorang semua macam professional, pakai jersey, n siap ada strategi taktikal tu... Siap ada review untuk game tu... Sebijik macam NBA lah.. :)

Ini adalah laman blog yg byk cerita pasal liga ni:

Snipers vs Slashers game
Slashers vs Quakes game review by Mustafa

The first quarter started with the jump ball won by Quakes. Both Slashers and Quakes were playing the usual Zone defense, with Quakes playing a 1-2-2. Mistakes in defensive rotation along with the weakness of the 1-2-2, the mid post area, Quakes's defense were broken quite easily by the Slashers. Most points in this quarter by Slashers were made around the mid-range wings and the middle area. Quakes retaliated with a couple of good ball movements plus unusual not bad off-the-ball screens. However with a few turnovers, they couldn't catch up to the hot shooting Slashers. Quakes trailed by less than 10 points to end the first quarter.

Starting the second quarter, Quakes went with the man-to-man defense while Slashers seemed to stick to the Zone D. The man-to-man defense wasn't perfect, with some dribble penetration on a few occasions and Slashers still managed to score. However, in this quarter, the lack of screens and movements-without-the-ball by the Slashers forced them to take yet more outside jumpers but this time more closely guarded. The Slashers were 'hit' quite badly and they scored only 7 points in 10 minutes. Quakes still with their outside shooting, with some additional fast breaks and post moves, scored more than 10 points, giving them back the lead to go into the second half.

The third quarter were quite tight, with both team scored almost evenly. The game stopped for a few minutes due to the rain which caused the floor a little bit slippery at Quakes' corner side. After a few minutes, both team agreed to continue the match. On offense, Quakes went with more inside games along with the usual mid range jumpers plus a couple of easy basket from the inbound plays, but it was the comeback from the Slashers that caught our attentions. At this point, Quakes man-to-man defense still troubled the lack-off-screening Slashers, but there was less outside shootings by the Slashers. Instead, Slashers' big guy No.8 seemed to be dominant offensively. He made almost every single easy basket as the wings isolated him in the paint area.

Going into the last quarter, Quakes defense was still at the same pace with every player chasing their own man while again Slashers seemed to stick to Zone D, giving Quakes chances to swing the ball around to their shooters. Being behind, Slashers were expected to be more aggressive defensively, but that didn't seem to come. Although No.8 continued to score, the 10 points lead was kept good by the Quakes for them to win the game.

Points to note :
1. Being guarded man-to-man, Slashers went with very little off-the-ball screens, giving Quakes easier job in just chasing the same guy around. Did anyone notice this?

2. Quakes looked like a shooting team, with quite a number of tries for the three pointers but there was a few occasions where those shots are forced. With more screens for the wings and few extra passes, it'll be interesting to see how far they can go with the outside shooting.

3. Slashers' No.8's inside post play on offense seemed unstoppable. Was the Quakes' defense 'too soft' in the paint area or Slashers' No.8 was just plain good?

4. Was it the defense or was it overconfident? The Slashers weren't as aggressive as they should. Warning to the other team : During game time, forget about the group standings, the previously lost matches AND even the previously won matches. Bring your own game. Think underdog. Think winning.

With the Snipers beating the Arions, there is no leading team in the Group B Division 2 apart from the cruising UBSA. An upset or a tight game against UBSA should show where the other teams stand in the group. Cagers, Snipers, Quakes, Arions and J3 B all have same amount of chances to take the lead, although the rest of in the group can also comeback with winning. With the 2-weeks break, it's even harder to tell. We should expect teams to practice and play better in the next coming matches. Or maybe not, malam2 lepak tgk World Cup?

Kalau korang rasa nak tengok, datanglah ke Stadium Basketball Cheras Batu 11.
Tiket adalah percuma... :)

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