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Thursday, April 22, 2010

My Dream Destination

My Dream Destination would always be New Zealand or Switzerland. I’ll blame this obsession to Lord Of The Ring movie, where they show the breathless scene of beautiful lake and mountains there… If I am bloody rich, I would go there right now, hahahar… Just see the pictures below. Can you imagine how peaceful it is to just sat under the tree, reading novel, breathing nothing but fresh air.

Seeing blue lake, green mountain, blue skies…~

Heaven in earth, I would say… I hope MAS can sponsor me, can you? Yeah, in my dreams alrite…

But for those who have limited budget like me, I suggest to you to go climb Gunung Kinabalu. The view from the top is speechless man… I think if you missed it, you’ll lose one of greates creation in this world. Definitely a “must go” destination. But for me, Once is enough as the journey to climb it is very tough physically and mentally. . And once at Sabah, you must must must go to the island for snorkeling. There are variety of colourful fish and corals for your unforgettable experience. Make sure to bring some bread to feed the fish, and they’ll swarm you like piranha!! Hahaar… :p

some videos here guys...

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M!Er4N said...

bestnya destinasi idaman dia..nk ikt blh..hehehe